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Kung-Fu Classes - Free Trial

How To Get Started

Ready to begin or would like to give our self-defense focused Kung-Fu classes a try? Signing up could not be any simpler or easier!

1 E-mail or call one of our locations (or use our contact form):
Edmonton: 780-638-2630,
Grand Forks:
Victoria: 250-580-8261,
2 Come and start training! It's as simple as that. You can view or try a Moh Pai Kung-Fu class free of charge to make sure you like what we do. If you've trained our style in the past, you can continue your training from where you left off.
3 Keep on coming! Pay the low monthly membership fee for as long as you are enjoying your training and are able to attend classes. There are no long term commitments or contracts to sign. (Don't be surprised, though, if you like it so much that you're still training many years later!)

That's it. Welcome to Moh Pai Defensive Arts!

"Masters Demetrius, Swanstrom, Bazinet and Crossman along with the other students and instructors taught me that a little hard work is not just a means to some reward, often it IS the reward, and as long as I was sweating and trying alongside them, I was always welcome. I'll never forget that lesson."
– Damian Paton-Gay
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