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As our name suggests, Moh Pai* is the main martial arts style we teach. Holding its roots in the ancient Shaolin Temples which were the cradle of almost all oriental fighting systems, this Kempo Kung-Fu style has been modernized and evolved by Grand Master O. E. Simon. It is a synthesis of both the hard and soft aspects of Kung-Fu, based on the interpretation of the Five Shaolin Animals of Tiger, Leopard/Panther, Snake, Crane, and Dragon.

Our training focuses on practical self-defense rather than sport, with all the motions scientifically designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness when adapted to each individual’s body type and personal build. Involving a variety of moves present in many other different martial art styles, as well as its own unique concepts and applications seldom taught elsewhere, Moh Pai offers a highly integrated, internally consistent, and very comprehensive and diverse system of self-defense, incorporating striking, grappling, sparring, forms, breathing and mind training, weapons, multiple opponent training, and many other aspects of combat, both external and internal. The variety of motions present in the style allows it to be trained by individuals of almost any age or fitness level.

Moh Pai also acts as a foundation for the more advanced Pai Hu Shih system, taught to our senior students.

"The Moh Pai techniques are simple, and yet very effective. Everything we learn can be used in the real world, not just in controlled conditions, like tournaments."
– Alessandro and Adriana

* Moh Pai (where "Pai" means "Style") has also been referred to as Mo or Moo Kempo / Kung-Fu.

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