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Moh Pai Defensive Arts

Welcome!! We are a martial arts organization specializing in teaching practical, self-defense oriented Kung-Fu. We hold regular classes in Edmonton, Grand Forks, and Victoria. Each location is headed up by Masters with decades of martial arts experience, ensuring top-notch instruction and quality of training. Led with professionalism, classes are always dynamic and exciting, charged with a positive and highly supportive, informal atmosphere. We also offer Women’s Self-Defense Seminars, and hold other special events.

We are committed to providing some of the best martial arts defense training available. Based on a modernized interpretation of the Five Shaolin Animals, Moh Pai, as well as the Pai Hu Shih (White Tiger) style we teach to our senior students, have both been designed for achieving maximum combative effectiveness with the greatest efficiency. The systems are highly versatile, and can be practiced and successfully applied by individuals of almost any build and athletic ability. Of course, martial arts training is not only about self-defense. It’s also a great way to keep fit while having fun! So much so, that for many of our members, Kung-Fu has become a way of life, and our training space – a second home! Here are some testimonials from our students.

Explore our site, and if you feel like trying our classes, or if you have any questions, please e-mail or call us. Whether you’re new to martial arts, have practiced other styles before and are interested in learning something new, or have trained our style in the past and wish to resume your training – we look forward to welcoming you to Moh Pai Defensive Arts!

"We had some previous kung fu experience from another system, and nothing compares to what we learn from the Moh Pai system."
– Alessandro and Adriana
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