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Locations & Classes

Masters Mike Kazakoff and DJ Swanstrom demonstrating a technique in class

Specializing in teaching adults and youth, we hold regular Kung-Fu classes in Calgary, Edmonton, Grand Forks, and Victoria.

Each class, or part thereof, has a different focus, whether it’s self-defense applications, forms, sparring, weapons training, grappling defenses, or other aspects of Moh Pai. Some lessons are spent perfecting the basics, while others are devoted to practicing more advanced concepts and techniques, and yet others are set aside for learning new knowledge necessary for each student’s progression towards their next belt level. A few days a month are reserved for training the Pai Hu Shih style.

Masters Demetrius, Bazinet, Crossman, Cooper, Kazakoff, and Swanstrom

Led by highly experienced black belts and Masters, classes are always dynamic, varied, and fun, structured in a way that would challenge participants of any fitness and skill level. Students train at their own pace in a friendly, non-competitive environment, where everyone helps each other learn and improve. New students are paired up with senior members, and receive a lot of individual instruction.

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"Master Swanstrom is a terrific teacher! It is very easy to 'leave everything at the door' and focus on the training session. I have personally found an improvement in my balance, flexibility, strength and self confidence. Situational awareness is becoming second nature."
– S. B.
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