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Training Benefits

Besides learning valuable self-defense which may one day save your life, Kung-Fu training is FUN. It can help increase fitness, coordination, and agility; help lose weight, relieve stress, and improve health; enhance discipline, confidence, and self-esteem; achieve a better mind-body balance; meet great people and make new friends. Don't take our word for it, the testimonials from our students speak for themselves.

Everyone has their own reasons for training…

Practical Self-Defense: Staying away from certain people or places where trouble is likely to happen is the surest way of keeping yourself safe. Unfortunately, with violence and crime as common as it is today, even the most cautious and peaceful person may end up in a confrontation they cannot avoid. Whether it’s a matter of standing up to a bully, or preventing yourself or a loved one from being assaulted or killed, knowing how to defend yourself is a crucial skill that everyone should have.

The Moh Pai and Pai Hu Shih Kung-Fu systems are ideal for practical, no-nonsense self-defense. They focus on techniques that can be applied with great effectiveness in your every-day clothing and in any environment, on gravel or on ice, in your home or in your car, even against attackers who are much larger and stronger than you. For many members who have practiced these styles throughout North America, the training they had has, literally, saved their lives.

Fitness: Regular and proper exercise is crucial to getting and staying fit and healthy. Kung-Fu training increases stamina and flexibility, builds up strength and muscle tone, and improves balance, agility, coordination, and reaction speed. Structured to benefit people of all levels of fitness and ability, the workouts are balanced and varied, developing many aspects of your mind and body to achieve a higher state of well-being and health.

Stress Relief & Health: Stress is a major problem in our high-paced and over-worked society. It significantly weakens the immune system, and is one of the leading causes of illness. Kung-Fu training provides a great outlet for releasing built up tension and stress. Students come out of a class feeling positive and energized, even after a hard and long day at work or in school. Moh Pai’s wide variety of physical, mental, and breathing exercises can be practiced by people of almost any age and physical condition, improving health and longevity.

Confidence & Personal Growth: The true goal of Kung-Fu is continuous improvement and mastery of one’s self. Kung-Fu training is one of the best ways of developing discipline, respect, awareness, and self-control. Through learning to focus their minds and govern their bodies to an extent many never thought possible, practitioners achieve a state of mental, emotional, and physical balance, leading to improved self-esteem, a feeling of inner harmony and empowerment, and a much greater confidence in their abilities. These benefits are priceless, and they last a lifetime.

Fun: Of all the benefits to training Kung-Fu, perhaps the most important one is that it’s simply fun! The spirit, humor, and camaraderie of the classes keep many Moh Pai practitioners hooked for life and loving every minute of it, even after years or decades of training. And when people are so excited and are having so much fun, everything else comes naturally!

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