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Pai Hu Shih

White Tiger

Pai Hu Shih, or the White Tiger Style*, is a very destructive and advanced Kung-Fu system developed by Grand Master O. E. Simon. While including many of the same elements as Moh Pai, Pai Hu Shih takes self-defense and combat to an even higher level, adding its own arsenal of strikes, blocks, and other motions, as well as its own set of forms and concepts. While still incorporating aspects of all five animals, the Pai Hu Shih system is predominantly Tiger in nature. Techniques are generally more devastating in their application, while training is more physically demanding, focused, and intense.

Pai Hu Shih is an evolution of Moh Pai, which develops the solid foundation and conditioning necessary for training the White Tiger Style. For this reason, students typically do not start training Pai Hu Shih until they have achieved at least the brown belt level in Moh Pai, putting in years of hard work, and demonstrating dedication, integrity, and the required understanding and skill. Pai Hu Shih members share their experience by working with and guiding the development of newer students, and the most senior members and Masters share the responsibility of leading the system and ensuring the quality of training at Moh Pai Defensive Arts.


* Pai Hu Shih is unrelated to other "White Tiger" styles.

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