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Kung-Fu Classes - Free Trial

Edmonton YMCA Drop-In Class

We offer a free drop-in Moh Pai class for YMCA members in Edmonton!

Introducing the fundamentals of the Moh Pai Kempo Kung-Fu martial art system, this class focuses on basic theory, techniques, footwork, self-defense applications, and fitness.

Thursdays, 7:30 - 8:30 PM
Suspended – YMCA closed due to COVID-19 response
Don Wheaton Family YMCA, Studio 1
10211 - 102 Avenue, Edmonton (see map)
Cost: FREE for YMCA members (age 15 and up)

Like all our self-defense focused martial arts classes, this class is great for:
  • improving fitness, muscle tone, agility, coordination, balance, and reaction speed;
  • developing essential defensive skills such as solid footing, blocking, striking, and takedowns;
  • acquiring an understanding of the combative principles involved in unarmed self-defense;
  • increasing confidence, awareness, and releasing stress in a fun, healthy, safe, supportive, non-competitive environment

Whether you have a general interest in martial arts, want to improve your ability to defend yourself if you ever have to, or are simply looking for a fun, meaningful way to let go of stress and keep fit, this is a great class to attend!

All levels of fitness and experience are welcome: we encourage everyone to train and learn to the best of their own ability, at a pace that is appropriate for them.

For additional classes that allow for more accelerated in-depth training, we also hold regular Monday and Wednesday classes for our members in Edmonton at another venue. Contact us for more information.

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