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Belt & Sash Ranking

Progression in the Moh Pai and Pai Hu Shih systems is marked in two ways. Belts, which have been adopted in the West as a convenient way of measuring rank, represent the knowledge and skill level acquired by the practitioner. At each stage in their training, students are given a list of all the techniques and concepts they need to know. Some of the material is taught in group classes, and some through individual or semi-private instruction. Under guidance, students then work, at their own pace to acquire the necessary proficiency with the new knowledge, and once ready, are tested and continue to the next level. The order of belts is as follows:

Brown (3 degrees)
Black (10 degrees)

Students start off with a white belt in the Moh Pai system, and work their way through the various colors. Beyond black belt, most of the new knowledge comes from the more advanced Pai Hu Shih system. While progress through the lower levels can be relatively quick, black belt degrees often take years to achieve, culminating in the 5th Degree Master rank.

Sashes represent a more traditional approach to progression, designating experience and maturity in the system. The four sash ranks describe the major stages of learning and development throughout one’s life by comparing them to nature. Thus, the green, blue, red, and white sashes represent spring, summer, fall, and winter, respectively.

Students start off with the green sash, and may progress to a blue sash after many years of effort, hard work, and dedication. The red, or Master’s Sash, which corresponds to a 5th degree black belt level or higher, is awarded to those who have attained an extraordinary degree of skill and understanding of the system, devoting decades of their life to the study of the art. The white sash designates a Grand Master.

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