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Striking vs. Grappling

Moh Pai’s main focus is on stand-up fighting and striking. In most situations, a well-delivered blow or a series of blows to vulnerable areas of the body is the fastest and most effective way to stop an assailant. When confronted with multiple attackers, remaining mobile by staying on one’s feet is especially important, because it allows the defender to position themselves so as to funnel the attackers in one at a time, laying them as obstacles in front of each other, and moving to prevent them from coming in simultaneously from all sides. In addition, striking is generally much more effective for a smaller and lighter person, who has little chance when wrestling a larger and stronger opponent, yet may well have the agility and speed necessary to land a few solid and disabling strikes to vital targets.

Even the best striker may occasionally be taken to the ground. For such situations, Moh Pai includes a variety of ground-fighting techniques, holds, submission escapes, take-down recoveries, throws, counter-throws, and counters to counter-throws. While many places teach striking and grappling as separate and distinct fighting styles, Moh Pai integrates them into a single, cohesive system, where they synergistically complement each other. Students learn how to manipulate an attacking grappler to a position in which they can be effectively hit, and how to use strikes to soften up an opponent for a throw or submission.

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