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Weapons Training

A large percentage of today’s crimes are committed by armed assailants. For this reason, Moh Pai includes a large variety of defenses against knives, clubs, sticks, baseball bats, chains, and other weapons commonly found on the street. For this component of the training, precise attention to detail and timing is especially important, since in a real self-defense situation, the smallest mistake in dealing with such weapons can often be fatal.

Students also learn to fight with a short staff, and sword training is added at the Pai Hu Shih level. The goal is to become familiar with the ways in which these and other similar weapons can be used and defended against, as well as to develop a thorough understanding of the mechanics involved in armed hand-to-hand combat. An experienced practitioner is expected to be able to use virtually any object as a weapon, wielding it as if it was a natural extension of his or her body.

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