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Forms & Applications

Moh Pai, like many other martial arts styles, includes a variety of forms, or sequences of motions, that are memorized and trained to improve technique by ingraining various moving, blocking, and striking patterns into muscle memory, developing dexterity, coordination, speed, power, endurance, fluidity, and proper breathing.

The Moh Pai forms are like "keys" to the system. When combined and applied according to certain principles, the large set of motions found in the forms can be used to generate literally thousands of effective techniques against almost any type of attack. Many such techniques are demonstrated and taught by the instructors, but individual exploration, under proper guidance, is also highly encouraged and necessary, especially at the more advanced levels. Rather than being limited to a finite set of applications shown in class, students learn the concepts which govern Moh Pai, empowering them to understand not only what works and what doesn’t, in different situations, but also why things work the way they do. In essence, students are taught to think for themselves, which opens their horizons and greatly furthers their development as martial artists, allowing them to progress indefinitely towards total mastery of the system, and, ultimately, of themselves.

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