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Science vs. Art

Moh Pai is a very structured system. Every stance, motion, technique, and concept is precisely defined for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Everything is analyzed from a scientific point of view, with physics, body mechanics, and psychology underlying all aspects of the style. Proper positioning, angles, distance, timing, preparation, footwork, body structure, posture, breathing, and state of mind are just some of the things that are important in executing an effective block or delivering a very powerful strike. These details are conditioned into muscle memory until they become second nature, triggered on a subconscious level whenever they are needed. Mastery of these details makes the difference between a good martial artist and a great one.

The scientific thinking that went into the development of Moh Pai was also responsible for adapting and evolving Kung-Fu into a more modernized form. Many of the traditional moves, which worked well against smaller fighters in the past, have been dropped or modified to deal with larger opponents. Other techniques and forms of conditioning, which required years or decades of constant practice within the Shaolin Temple before they became useful, have been replaced by training methods which require much less dedication but are no less effective. New motions have been added to deal with the new forms of fighting, weapons, and attack strategies that have emerged in recent times. The result has been the development of a martial arts system that is extremely practical and realistic.

Many of the more traditional as well as modern martial arts practiced today have a significant emphasis on the aesthetics, or beauty, of their styles. Often they include a lot of flashy acrobatics and choreography, which, although fun to watch and a testament to their performer's ability, have little practical application, and can be detrimental, or even dangerous, to attempt in a real situation. Moh Pai focuses instead on the effectiveness of its motions. Developed primarily for self-defense, every technique in the system was chosen first and foremost for its combative value.

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